What is AWOL Academy?

AWOL stands for Another Way Of Life.

And AWOL Academy has the training, personalized guidance and systems that allow someone to successfully launch their own online business.

Both of the co-founders, Keala Kanae and Kameron George came from humble backgrounds.  But this never stopped them from eventually discovering the proven methods that allowed them to create a thriving online business.  A business that seems like a dream compared to their days of working at coffee shops or back breaking construction work.

Now they are both on a mission to provide only the most current, top shelf training and mentorship inside the online business industry.  Their simple goal is to awaken as many people as possible to the immense breakthrough opportunities that freelance digital marketing can provide them. (and you!)

Awol Academy is a unique combination of the proper coaching and guidance mixed with top level training and resources.  Plus the precise sequencing allows every customer to progress at a pace that prevents any sense of overwhelm.

That process begins with their Awol 101 proprietary coaching process which cements the foundation for the customer.  This includes deep dive questionnaire, business planning session and a one on one coaching call.

Once a student has completed Awol 101, it’s now onto the massive value within the Academy training modules.  Starting with Pro Academy, then into Inbox, Conversion, Traffic and eventually for the laser focused and dedicated.. Masters Academy.

Each of these build upon the content from the previous training in order to allow the student to level up accordingly and gain mastery of their new skill sets.

Finally for those students who already have previous online marketing experience or for those looking to slash their learning curve and jump on a fast track… there is Awol Elite Mastermind.

Inside Awol Elite, the members are given unprecedented access to both Keala and Kameron in order to have them dig deep into your business.  Over the shoulder, re-working copy writing, improving Facebook ads and providing inspiring accountability.

Awol Academy is setting the bar VERY HIGH inside the online marketing industry.  Seeking only to provide the most top level mentoring, coaching, training and support for every single student.

Their goal is simple.  To provide the opportunity for anyone willing to focus, put in the work and follow directions to be able to create their very own digital freelance marketing business.

To create another way of life.